Thursday, December 16, 2010

am i afford to buy this..

I'm eager to have my own Cadillac Escalade..
you know what? because this car is super fantastic..
take a look at this link

but the problem is..
do Cadillac's cars offer in Malaysia,
i've never seen Cadillac cars in the road before this
for sure it will cost a lot of money to get this fantastic car
but what to do
my heart keep telling me that
this is your dream car and
you better get it no matter what
can somebody please tell the easy way to grab this awesome baby..
i wish to buy it even i am not a wealthy person

And the first thing i wish to do when i am able 
to buy this Escalade is........
I will try to bid this super fabulous plat number
    DAN141= DANIAL

 I'm so excited when it comes to chose a car
as my own quotes said ' kalau nak barang ORI kena la usaha BRO ' 

the quotes remind me everything 
as it helps me to growth my strength 
and most importantly is to choose my bride-to-be... hehehe..
but now!!! my bride-to-be is always Cadillac Escalade..

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