Monday, November 1, 2010

Grammar Class by Sir Danial

Assalamualaikum and a very good night..

okey, tomorrow will be the final day for me.. you know what, I still on my laptop and still chatting with my dearest friend. tomorrow will be the first test to me and my friend. for this semester, the test will not be easier as the last semester for sure, because, in coming test, we need to analyse the mistake or  the grammar for section A, for section b, idiomatic expression and poem, and lastly, essay..
huhhhhh.... english actually is simple for me but sometimes can be difficult..

okey, let me now share to all of you  about tenses and etc...

past tense..
a things occur is past..

simple past..
simple things..just a simple a simple things..

past perfect
happened in past, usually we use HAD to explain the situation.. might be 2 situation occur but just focusing on 1 situation..

present tense
a things occur now, future or continuous..

simple present
simple things..just a simple things or situation..

present perfect
same description as the past perfect but different between past and present and present perfect also explaining 2 situation but focusing on  1 only..

past and present progressive 
just plus ING to the verb such as...
past  progressive was eating
present progressive is eating

future tense
coming situation..using WILL to describe the situation...

using like, as to describe

is an exaggeration = berlebih- lebih

comparing two objects, concrete and abstract..

the uses of 's'
VERB + S  if singular
OBjECT + S if plural

TAG question
+ n't to make it as a question.. if theres as positive explaination, the question you must write it negative..same with negative.... and the question must follow back to the verb-to-be.. eg:
was= wasn't
were= weren't
is= isn't
are= aren't

 might be nothing gold can stay by Robert frost

okey...that all for this lesson..hehehehe.. kalau ade salah mintak maaf la ye.. fahaman sendiri!!!!


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