Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Peace Everyone !
well for this entry let me try to speak in English okey!!! Ermm to be honest i lost lots of words past a few month ago since i left my Teslians and my grammar is rapidly decreasing or in other words is in Critical. I started to believe to the theory from my sis that English is a continuous studies that required the student to speak often. if you started to lost the words then it will effect the whole thing. OMG I'm in worse part now... By the way, I just past a Listening test a few hours ago. huh such the horrible test where i hardly need to push up my Brain..hahahahaha( betul ker ayat aku nieh?)

lets just forget about the listening test.. tomorrow will be another test that will be held at Dewan Indera Kayangan.. there will be 2 test which is group test and individual test. for the group test my partner most probably will be Barak, Olie and Saifulah. we are required to speak among each other in twelve minutes. Oh my gosh what are we going speak in that particular time...praise that we will not lost our words..hehehe.. Actually, we've been informed by the lectures that the test is commonly like a debate. there will 2 person in charge of the goverment where by another two will be on the opponent sides. The chair person will be Mr. Latfi because he is in charge to handle all of us ( RBT A's student).

hehehe... guys I found a few pictures which i think is similar to my entry.. have a look at it(above)..
i'm gonna let my words end here cause i really dont know what else to talk about.. if you guys can highly analyse my grammatical mistake in this entry or found lots of errors.. i really really sorry because this is the first time i started to wrote back...huhuhuhu... byeee..
by the way pray for me!!!!..huhuhu...

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