Sunday, May 8, 2011

an awesome moments

Apa gunanya blog bila tak updated..
hah itulah situasi berlaku dekat aku.. bukan malas nak update,
tapi masa memang jeles gila beb..di tambah dengan wireless yang
sememangnya macam taik( tapi still bersyukur sebab boleh jugak online)

Untuk entry kali ini aku nak share gambar kami sibling pergi sambut
our parent's anniversary and birthdays.

the girl is my eldest sister, she's now living in Kuala Lumpur,
the guy wearing black shirt is my besties and also my mom's  adopted son..
and lastly, abin, my little brother.
from the left is my Kak jiha, she's also my mom's adopted daughter,
in the middle as usual, its me and and the girl on pinky dress is my sis.

last posing before going back

he is crazy

each of us enjoy our meals and most important thing is we are showing our respect
towards mama and abah.. 


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