Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lagu Tutup

Assalamualaikum and good day..

# Lagu Tutup#
Do you know Megan Nicole? Tiffany alvord? Boyce avenue? Jason chen?
kalau x tahu memang rugi bebenor la yub... sapa diorang? diaorang la artis Vlog.. x tahu jgk? Man, you just go to youtube and key in the names above!!!! and you'll find lot of cover songs of them.. listen to it and im pretty sure you'll like it bro..hahaha
kadang2, i felt like the cover song was better than original..seriously!!! tapi x tahu la orang lain kan.. the arrangement of the music of course will be different from the original song and usually diorang suka wat acoustic style..slow and sentimental.. sebenarnya banyak lagi orang yg buat cover song and upload trough youtube tapi from my view, aku rasa mereka-mereka ni yang terbaik kot...

Tiffany Alvord
Megan Nicole

Jason Chen
Boyce Avenue
Tapi x dapat dinafikan masih ramai Vloggers Malaysia yg superb jugak.. and me liked them too.. well maybe my genre of music more to english song but as a malay man...aku layan jugak lagu melayu... 

Najwa Latiff
Tasha Manshahar

Nah..above is Najwa Latiff and Tasha Manshahar..they are two lovely Malaysian princess..and their voice? wow..sgt merdu and perfectoooo....
So, if you guys have same expession and maybe same habit with me, then you will somehow know them or maybe some other Vloggers kan.. so yang x pernah nk search or bukak-bukak coversongs kt guys must do it now!!! get to know them.. and appreciate their lovely talent..

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