Saturday, July 14, 2012

Duit datang Duit Pergi

First of all.. i'm over budget!!!
please teach me how to save...please please.. at this moment.. i wanted to buy everything without thinking the effect in eyes is blur..and my money running out not accordingly but "macam air"

i need to have saving, reminding myself but my reaction is not following it.. how can i be so careless.. marah diri sendiri pon x guna.. aduh Danial!!!!! huhuhu... InsyaAllah.. i'll promise to spent it wisely after publishing this entry? will i? hope so.. :)

tadi pergi Padang Besar dengan harapan xnak habiskan duit, tapi nafsu membuak2 suruh beli. then, i've brought it..hehe kang kempunan pulak kalo x beli.. so, after this says no more to pdg besar only after getting the next allowance..hehehe..InsyaAllah..well actually, duit elaun masih ada lagi tapi takut kalau2 terikut sangat dengan nafsu syaitan ini.. InsyaAllah.. I will straightly remind myself to spent and save my money..

Terbeli jersy ini pulak tadi!! hehehe

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