Saturday, June 30, 2012

Social Networks

Salam and good day everyone..

nowadays, social networks become indeed in human life..kiranye sapa yg xda tu boleh kot diketegorikan KUNO..
To me, everytime i'd opened the web browser, there will be 2 compulsory sites that i will click... first facebook and second will be twitter.. i've already bookmarks those sites so it will bring the easier way for me to reopen whenever i need.. the aim for me to bring forward this topic is actually to share to you guys the current obsession in every human life.


setuju x? sorry if you find out this topic is boring.. but to me, by using facebook and twitter, i can have thousand of friends..even though there just an acquaintance friends for me, we are willing to tighten our relationship.. social network also gives you some space to spread out your dakwah..that is the most things i wanted to remind everyone.. Entah kenapa saya rasa dunia ni seperti dah berada dipenghujungnya.. and i do notice yang saya pon banyak buat dosa.. tapi as muslim, sama-sama la kita ingat mengingati.. xda ruginya pun..

mostly, human who addicted to fb or twitter will somehow neglect in their life.. they will find out that fb and twitter is most important thing ever. As result, they will take easy Allah's order..percaya tak fb boleh menyebabkan kita meninggalkan solat? 

So, apa yang saya nak tekankan disini, bersosial la in social network, tapi ingat batasan dan panduan kita sebagai muslims. share la benda yang rasakan patot, jangan melebih-lebih and most importantly, jangan disebabkan social network kita meninggalkan perintah Allah.. Wallahulam.... 

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Syakinah Sallihudin said...

agree wif u daniel . jgn nak leka sgt bila on9 . huhu . :)