Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hijau di Alor Setar

Welcome home!!! Home!! home!!

Alhamdulillah.. the precious give to me from Allah.. Still got a chance to breath in this lovely and challenging world.. Well, after a long rest with no entry, no comment and leaving this blog alone.. i am back, and just for a short entry im taking this opportunity to share the things happened to me last night. Guess what, I joined Himpunan sejuta belia ke putrajaya and it was held at Stadium Darul Aman..Take point that this entry is not about politics ...Actually the plan was to watch UAI tapi tak sangka lain jadinya.. :)
hehehe... so, moral of the story siasat betul2 and dont forget to look at the tentative of before planning on somewhere!! Himpunan Sejuta Belia ke Putrajaya to me was successful, if you were there, you can see a  giant sea of people and you will understand how crucial politic in the life.. im here not to be in side of goverment neither opposite but as the citizen who realize his need, im here to do my responsibility.. I love Malaysia.. :)

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