Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friendship Value

Respect the value of friendship. For some people, they might think that friendships matter is something common which mean you don't have to put a respect to your friend, because for sure your friend i mean your close friend has learned your style, your character, your doing and many more. So if your friend can somehow understand all about you, of course there will be no problem in any friendship. What you need to do in friendship, you must somehow put yourself in your friend's shoes. Learned to understand your friend, noticed every wronged doing, and tighten relationship even more, never hurt your friend and so on. Sometimes, positive thinking will bring out a problem in friendship because when we always think positively,we will never realize our mistake. In other word, don't let the selfish attitude lead the friendship because when this thing happen, a friendship will destroy.. Seriously, i do care about being a friend and will always cares about my friends in the friendship life. But, there's a person i mean one of my friends who cannot understand the value in friendship and without any offend, is going to ruin our friendship bonds. At first, i try to understand that person, but as days flew, all i got is stress and unsatisfied feeling. I pray to Allah to put a little patient in me so i can throw all this bad feelings away. Accept every wrong doing he did to me and hoping for a Karma to awake him. InsyaAllah..saya akan sabar selagi saya boleh sabar. :)

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